From Situationship To Soulmate and past clients inside previous programs!

As Seen In...

How Carla Went From 25 Years Of Toxic Relationships To A Loving Man (In 3 Months)

Listen To Carla's Full Story On The Podcast!

"Absolutely Lifechanging."

When Gloria Attended A Student's Wedding To The Love Of Her Life!!

Before joining the program, Ramandeep struggled with poor self-esteem and Emotionally Unavailable Relationships that never stuck around...

In Her Own Words...

"I no longer feel like my emotions control me.

I recommend this program to anyone who comes from a high-conflict family where you felt on edge, stressed, or anxious."

-Chinelle, Legal Industry

Ronalee, Soulmate Alumni

Ronalee: From Attracting Narcissists To A Healthy Relationship In 6 Months

Amanda: From Codependent Conflict To A Healthy Relationship In 5 Months!

"Just 5 months in, I met my partner. I never thought it was possible to have such a secure relationship since my divorce!"


I can help you turn "hopeless"...

... Into "happy relationships"...

And it DOESN'T require years of therapy!

Steph: "This program saved my life..."

Steph was a yoga teacher who struggled with extreme Anxious Attachment and felt threatened and insecure around all women. Before joining Soulmate, her 3-year relationship was on the rocks...
Steph has since become a Certified Wellness Coach, and now works inside the Soulmate coaching team as a support coach! She is able to lend her own expertise and experience in the program to support students.

Jamie: From Crushing Breakup To Healing

CEO Of Podcast Rebels

"The truth is, since working with Gloria I've been able to start attracting new people into my life that are in alignment with what I'm looking for. I realized I'm valuable as I am without needing to prove it to others."

Karlin: Learning To Trust & Date Safe Men After Healing From Sexual Abuse

"I felt like this program and community wrapped me in a pillow."

Client Testimonials

More From Past Alumni...

Jami: "I Healed My Codependency & Anxiety In Just 3 Months in Gloria's program, After Trying 32 Years Of Therapy!"

Meet The Coaching Team!

Gloria Zhang

Head Coach

Coach Steph

Support Coach & Former Soulmate Alumni

Coach Maranda

Student Success Coach


More love from past clients:

How Soon Can I Start?

As soon as you enroll, you'll get immediate access to the first week of the program as well as the community!

The modules are conveniently releases week-by-week so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We have 3 convenient plans available. Book your consult today, and let's chat!

Is Soulmate for singles or couples?

Both! We've had clients who are single or in relationships.

If you're single, the dating sections will apply to you more. If you're in a relationship, Happily Ever After will apply to you more. The program grows with you inside your relationships.

"But What If This Won't Work For Me?"

I know it's hard to try something new when you feel like you've already tried everything. So, let me take away ALL of your hesitations.

We've got a 90-Day Do-The-Work policy, which means that if you complete the program and show proof of doing the work and it's not helping you within 90 days, simply email us at and I'll give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

That means there's ZERO risk for you to give this a fair chance. We're SO confident in the integrity of the program that we can actually honour this policy, and it's only fair that I ask you to give this a chance to work.

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What If I I Miss/ Can't Attend The Live Q&A Calls?

That's okay! We have students from all continents of the world.

Each call is recorded and available as a replay inside our students-only community.

This way, you'll never miss a call and can re-watch calls as many times as needed.

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