No More Painful Relationships 💍

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FREE Workshop To Get Out Of Situationships
& Into A Fulfilling Relationship.

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Professional Ladies: You Should be Choosing, Not Chasing...

This FREE Workshop Is For You If...

You're tired of begging people to stay and convincing them of your worth...

You keep sabotaging relationships with your rollercoaster emotions...

Deep down, you want to be Desired, Worshipped, & Protected by your Soulmate...

They Should Be Treating You

Like A Princess...

Hey it's me,

Gloria Zhang!

I'm the world-renowned Relationship Coach and psychotherapist from the Top 50 show, The Inner Child Podcast.

After 10 years of suffering in Abusive, Emotionally Unavailable, & Rebound “Situationships”...

I finally "cracked the code" that resulted in me going from dumped to ENGAGED 💍

This FREE Training Reveals My...

Feel, Heal, Attract

This system is what helped me finally end 10 years of Abusive,
Emotionally Unavailable, & Rebound “Situationships” WITHOUT
sitting for years in therapy or using manipulate tactics.

... Happily ENGAGED to my long-term partner Andrew!

Inside This Free 45-Min Workshop

You Will Learn...

Secret #1

Why You’re Extremely Reactive In Relationships

(Compared To Other People)

Secret #2

The Real Reason Why You Keep Ending Up With The Wrong People

Secret #3

How To Find The Right Relationship For You

(Will It Last?)

"I have been dating and learning so much! My confidence as really gone up! I learned so much with Gloria. I feel like a different world opened up to me that I didn't know was there."

– Sarah, Entrepreneur

Life is hard enough.

Love doesn't need to ab1e!

It's not your fault that your childhood messed up the way that you handle relationships.

But if you're falling into the same patterns over and over...

Then you NEED to be at this workshop where I'll teach you how to finally break free and get the relationship you want.

Just Engaged!

"I really love taking your advice and all the modules. I'm really happy with who I have become for me, myself, and I. And the crazy part is that he still LOVES me through it all!"

– Cecille


How long is the workshop?

This is a brand new 40-minute workshop! At the very end, you'll receive a full workbook as a gift for participating!

Will a replay be made available?

Yes!  An email with a link to replay will be available for 48 hours if you can't join at the time selected.

Is this workshop for me if I'm in a relationship or seeing someone?

Yes!  This workshop covers challenges in both dating AND in relationships.

If you've read this far, you owe this to yourself...

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